Current Projects

The OSCE Network is currently implementing two projects:

1) “Cross-Regional Corridors of Dialogue: Developing a Complementing Track for Transforming Long-standing Conflicts”
Project leader: Prof. Marko Lehti (TAPRI, Finland)

This project is the second part of a two-year OSCE Network activity that started in 2018. It brings together peacebuilders from disputed territories in the OSCE area, OSCE representatives involved in mediating in these territories, and academics. The project aims to identify the similar challenges civil society activists face in the context of their peace-building activities. It should also enable international organizations, such as the OSCE, to exchange their overarching experiences in their work with them, and identify best practices for OSCE mediation work. We explore ways to institutionalize peace-building communications between the disputed territories and contribute to establishing cross-regional corridors of societal dialogue. The project includes a three-day experimental dialogue forum in Stuttgart, 15-17 April 2019, and a one-day lessons-learned workshop in Vienna in October 2019. The outcome of the project will be summarized in a final report with recommendations for the OSCE community.

2) “RISK Study Outreach Project”
Project leader: Wolfgang Zellner (CORE/IFSH, Germany)

As part of the 2018 OSCE Network project on “Reducing the Risk of Conventional Deterrence in Europe: Arms Control in the NATO-Russia Contact Zones”, this outreach activity aims to promote the findings of a “RISK Study” the OSCE Network issued in 2018. The intention is to continue discussions with governmental representatives and academic experts in conventional arms control from different OSCE participating States. A series of seminars, workshops and meetings will be conducted in Berlin, Bern, Brussels, Moscow, Vienna and Washington. In order to reach a broader audience in Moscow and the wider Russian-speaking community, the study will be translated into Russian.

In addition to these two projects, the OSCE Network plans to organize a meeting of the Steering Committee in October 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia.