China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Implications for the OSCE

Stefan Wolff, Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security, University of Birmingham

Understanding the implications of China’s BRI for the OSCE region and the problems within the region has significance for the ability of the OSCE and its participating States to continue working towards sustainable solutions. The primary aim of this project is to contribute to such an understanding. 

The project objectives include:

  1. mapping the presence of China and its manifestation across Central Asia, the South Caucasus, the Western CIS, and the Western Balkans over time, in particular since the inception of the BRI;
  2. identifying the implications that this presence has had in terms of economic, environmental, social, political, and military security in the OSCE area;
  3. compiling and presenting a report on the basis of (1) and (2) to inform OSCE institutions and participating States’ governments.