Back to the Roots: The Unfinished Post–Cold War Settlement of 1990 – Historical Narrative Workshops in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Christian Nünlist, Center for Security Studies at the ETH Zurich, and Juhana Aunesluoma, Network for European Studies at the University of Helsinki

This project aimed to discuss the results of the 2017 OSCE Network project titled “The Road to the Charter of Paris: Divergent Narratives and Lessons for the OSCE Today” in Russia. The cooperating institutions in Russia were St. Petersburg State University and the Russian International Affairs Council in Moscow. Download publication in Russian.


  • Workshop “The Road to the Charter of Paris: Historical Narratives and Lessons for the OSCE Today,” Moscow, 8 November 
  • Seminar “Origins of a Cold Peace between Russia and the West: The Unfinished Cold War Settlement, 1989–2008,” a seminar with about 80 students at St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg, 7 November