Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

SIPRI is an independent international institute dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament. Established in 1966, SIPRI provides data, analysis and recommendations, based on open sources, to policymakers, researchers, media and the interested public. Based in Stockholm, SIPRI also has presences in Beijing and Washington, DC and is regularly ranked among the most respected think tanks worldwide.

SIPRI’s mission is to:

  • Undertake research and activities on security, conflict and peace
  • Provide policy analysis and recommendations
  • Facilitate dialogue and build capacities
  • Promote transparency and accountability
  • Deliver authoritative information to global audiences

European security is a core component of SIPRI’s work with a strong focus on regional security, conflict prevention management and termination, and issues of arms control.

Signalistgatan 9
SE-169 70 Solna, Sweden
Fax: +46 8-655 97 33
Tel: +46 8-655 97 00


Dr Ian Anthony
Director, European Security Programme