School of Law, University of Nicosia

The School of Law houses two departments, the Department of Law and the Department of Politics and Governance. The LLB is unique for accommodating a comparative legal environment and for offering a full range of courses of common law (English law), continental law (Greek law) and mixed law (Cypriot law). The Department of Politics and Governance also offers a well-recognised BA in International Relations and European Studies. At postgraduate level, there is a wide range of options at School level: an LLM with concentration on European Business Law, as well as Human Rights and Criminal Justice, an MA in International Relations and European Studies, a joint MA in the Law of the Economy and of the Enterprises with the Hellenic Open University, a joint MA in Criminal Law and Addictions with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; as well as an MA in Law and Politics in the European Union and an MA in Public Administration, offered with the support of the well-known Centre of European Constitutional Law-Tsatsos Foundation. At PhD level, the School offers a PhD in Law, a PhD in International Relations and European Studies, a PhD in Public Administration, as well as a joint PhD in Human Rights, Society and Multi-Level Governance with the Universities of Padova, Zagreb and Western Sydney.

The School's objective is to further consolidate its position as a leader within the University of Nicosia and in Cyprus in academic activities pertinent with its areas of interest and to maintain and constantly expand and deepen our network of cooperation and partnerships with other institutions in Cyprus and abroad, including governmental institutions. The School of Law further aims to promote engagement in high - level teaching and cutting-edge research in its areas of interest and to contribute to the further development, evolution and internationalization of the University of Nicosia through its activities. The School of Law submits and runs numerous competitive research proposals, as well as organizing international and local conferences and seminars on topics related to OSCE agenda such as conflict prevention and resolution, human rights, media freedom and development, rule of law, democratization, gender equality, migration, youth, tolerance and non-discrimination, combating human trafficking, countering terrorism and cyber/ICT security.

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Christina Ioannou (PhD)
Associate Dean of the School of Law of the University of Nicosia


Christina Ioannou (PhD) is Associate Dean of the School of Law of the University of Nicosia and an Associate Professor of European Politics and Labour Law at the Department of Politics and Governance and the Department of Law.  She is the Coordinator of the MA Program in Law and Politics in the European Union. Dr Ioannou is also the Editor-in-Chief of the academic Journal The Cyprus Review.

She is the Vice-President of the Royal Commonwealth Society Cyprus Branch, and a consultant on labour and employment law issues with the Law Firm A&E C. Emilianides, C. Katsaros and Associates LLC. In November 2019, she was appointed as a member of the Parallel Parliament for Civil Society for a two-year term, participating in the Parallel Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights and Social Affairs.

Dr Ioannou has participated in many EU funded programmes (Jean Monnet Programs, European Parliament contracts, Socrates Programs, EEA Financial Mechanism & the Norwegian Financial Mechanism grants, Notre Europe projects, and national research grants), international conferences and networks, and has published widely on the areas of labour law, EU, social affairs and welfare state politics.