Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)

The Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) is a leading Central European think tank that positions itself between the world of politics and independent analysis. PISM provides analytical support to decision-makers and diplomats, initiates public debate and disseminates expert knowledge about contemporary international relations. The work of PISM is guided by the conviction that the decision-making process in international relations should be based on knowledge that comes from reliable and valid research.

The Institute carries out its own research, cooperates on international research projects, prepares reports and analyses and collaborates with institutions with a similar profile worldwide. PISM is steadily growing in importance as an opinion-forming institution. In the international rankings of the global "Go-To Think Tanks" report produced annually by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies International Relations Program at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), PISM takes constantly leading place in the region.
Research at PISM

PISM researchers are responsible for preparing analyses, studies and forecasts at the request of public administration bodies, but also at the Institute's own initiative. They conduct interdisciplinary and comparative research into international relations and Polish foreign policy, Poland's membership of the EU and NATO, international and energy security, Poland's bilateral relations, in particular with neighboring countries. The interest of researchers also focuses on the institutional aspects of drafting, developing and pursuing Poland's foreign policy, as well as on the methodology of research into international relations.

  • European Union Programme
  • International Security Programme
  • Eastern and South Eastern Europe Programme
  • International Economic Relations and Global Issues Programme
  • Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Project
  • Middle East and North Africa

Events at PISM

Fully aware of the significant role of information activities, PISM seeks to create a credible space for dialogue and the open exchange of ideas about the modern world. We organise numerous conferences, discussions, debates and seminars addressed in particular to politicians, parliamentarians, civil servants, academics, journalists, students and representatives of other think tanks and NGOs. Events organised by PISM enjoy immense popularity and contribute to the development of the public dimension of foreign policy.

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00-950 Warsaw, Poland
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Marcin Terlikowski
Head of International Security Programme

Contact: terlikowski@pism.pl

Since 2007 he has been a research fellow in PISM, focusing on European security, defence and military-to-military cooperation, European defence industry and defence equipment market and European Union Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). He is the author of various policy reports and academic papers on European collaboration on defence capabilities, economic policy towards defence industry, Polish security policy, and EU crisis management operations. He co-led a number of collaborative research programs, including Defence Austerity: a New Paradigm for Defence and Security Cooperation in the Visegrad Region (2012/13) (DAV4); Weimar Defence Cooperation – Projects to Respond to the European Imperative (2011); Restructuring Europe's Armed Forces in Times of Austerity: A Dialog on Challenges and Opportunities for Government and Industry (2010).