International Institute of Political Sciences (IIPS), Klaipeda, Lithuania

Established in Lithuania in 2009, the International Institute of Political Sciences (IIPS) is engaged in:

  • conducting of scientific researches on political development of Lithuania and other states in the field of international policy and international relations;
  • analysis of norms and values of democracy and other political regimes, relations between state and its citizens;
  • research of social development theories and OSCE documents;
  • organization of conferences, seminars, debates, lectures.

The IIPS was one of the co-founders of the Lithuanian association for security and co-operation in Europe (LASCE) in 2009. Mission of the LASCE is to raise awareness of the OSCE, to develop cooperation and mutual understanding of OSCE values and efforts for security community creation from V to V without dividing lines. During Lithuanian OSCE Chairmanship in 2011 and Presidency in the Council of the European Union in 2013 the IIPS together with the LASCE organized informative and educational events.

The IIPS acts at the international non-government level through its departments, which are headed by the scientists from different OSCE states.

Lithuania is interesting as a present member of the European Union which was a part of the former Soviet Union sharing the common border and wide cultural and economic ties with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus (where the main foreign partners of the IIPS are based). Together with its Russian colleagues, the IIPS organizes the conferences and round tables in the context of the 2005 EU-Russia Road Maps for the Four Common Spaces, takes part in issue of the science journal “The problems of connections between regions”, which publication is funded by the Government of the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation.

International Institute of Political Sciences
J. Janonio st. 7
92236 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Phone: +370-611-22100

Professor Giedrius Petruzhis has teaching qualification in political sciences.

During the secession of Lithuania from the USSR he had taken part in creation of the independent Communist party of Lithuania, which was transformed to the Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania (DLPL) further. In the period of 1993-2000 he headed the DLPL party school “Klaipeda Political Public College”.

In the period of 1993-1997 he was the representative of Lithuanian government in the Klaipeda region.

He was elected as Lithuanian Socialist Party president in 2006. In 2009 he withdrew from political activity and focused on research activities.

In 2008 he was promoted to the rank of professor of the Department of Tourism and Tourists Communications for his teaching activity at the Kaliningrad Institute of Tourism of Russian International Academy for Tourism.

Author of researches and publications on various issues of politology, integration of diasporas, international relations, national minorities, integration of the Kaliningrad region into all European area.

Chairman of the Lithuanian Association for Security and Co-operation in Europe since 2009.

Graduated the Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania party school “Klaipeda Political Public College” in 1997. Specialist in international law, human rights defender.

Fish-farmer since 1999; since 2000 he has been the Secretary of the Union of Young Farmers of the Klaipeda region of Lithuania and the Chairman and further the Secretary of the International Union of Young Farmers. Head of the Farmer’s training (ISCED code 23362) school.

He has been engaged in detailed study of OSCE since 2003; Vice-Chairman of the Lithuanian Association for Security and Co-operation in Europe since 2009.

Co-author of numerous publications and reports of the IIPS researchers including reports for the VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference in Minsk “Development of Agro-Industrial Complex in the Context of Food Security Provision” on the issues of global food security promotion.

Moderator of international scientific and practical conferences, seminars, researches organized by the IIPS, editor of the publications of the IIPS staff.