foraus - Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy

foraus (Forum Aussenpolitik - Forum de politique étrangère - Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy) generates independent, high quality recommendations for Swiss foreign policy decision makers and the public, thereby bridging the gap between academia and politics. Its non-partisan approach aims to promote an open dialogue and informed decision-making on all aspects of Swiss foreign policy. foraus is a grassroots organisation that is founded on bottom-up principles. Its success as a think tank is based on its members’ voluntary commitment. Members are primarily graduates and young professionals who are active in a nationwide network of young researchers and foreign policy enthusiasts. The think tank was founded in 2009 in Bern, Switzerland. Today, the two offices in Zürich and Geneva host more than 10 employees.


  • Influence foreign policy of Switzerland by providing a sound basis for decision making,
  • establish an informed dialogue on all aspects of Swiss foreign policy based on scholarly research,
  • advocate for a constructive and open Swiss foreign policy,
  • offer members access to the Swiss foreign policy debate outside the traditional and often constrictive frameworks of party-politics and academia.


  • Maintenance of an active network of young policy experts who work on various foreign policy topics as international law, finance and economics and science and tech. Currently, 11 regional groups around Switzerland and 11 thematic groups are active.
  • Work within a constructive framework that is open, progressive and democratic, in which our experts autonomously choose the topics they want to research and discuss.
  • Publication of in-depth discussion papers, blogs and short analysis on all aspects of (Swiss) foreign policy, as for example peace and security, development policy, migration, bilateral relations with the EU, gender and environment.
  • Exchange with the media, public and legislators, by presenting foraus’ results to a wide audience.
  • Regularly organised foreign policy lectures, debates and events, with top-class speakers and guests, such as members of the Swiss Federal Council, national politicians and well known experts from academia, media, and diplomacy.
  • Maintenance and expansion of  the Open Think Tank Network, a network where foraus participates in the creation and collaboration of grassroots based think tanks on an international level.
  • Organisation of workshops for civil society, scholars and experts  using its online tool Policy Kitchen to crowdsource innovative ideas for Swiss and international foreign policy issues.

foraus - Forum Aussenpolitik - Forum de politique étrangère
Badenerstrasse 431
CH-8003 Zürich
Tel.: +41 44 501 68 65

Lukas Hupfer has a wide experience in foreign policy both as an academic and professional.

Following his studies at SciencesPo Paris, Sorbonne-Paris IV and the University of Bern he served the Swiss Foreign Ministry in Bern and Hebron.

After five years of diplomatic service, Lukas Hupfer was appointed director of foraus – the Swiss think tank on foreign policy in April 2018.