Democracy Reporting International (DRI)

In a time of upheaval and massive social mobilization around the world, Democracy Reporting International (DRI) focuses on "the day after", namely how to build inclusive and sustainable public institutions that serve their citizens and make change sustainable.

DRI’s work is anchored in international legal obligations and political commitments for democratic governance that states have voluntarily entered into, such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights or OSCE commitments.

As a medium-sized organizations with around 50 staff from 17 countries, DRI seeks to support transitions flexibly and fast. Most of DRI’s team works on the ground in five offices in Libya (currently Tunis), Tunisia, Ukraine, Pakistan and Myanmar, considering that a permanent presence enhances effective outreach to partners and target groups. DRI’s Berlin HQ supports these endeavors with comparative and thematic expertise. DRI works with stakeholders, such as parliamentarians, government officials, parties, civil society and academic institutions to help translate broad demands for participation into concrete democratic institutions, such as constitutions, credible elections, effective legislatures and genuine de-centralisation.

DRI engages people through individual meetings, workshops and multi-stakeholder consultations. Regular publications in several languages serve the dissemination of DRI’s ideas and provide transparency on the organization’s policy positions. In some cases, such as Ukraine, DRI offices put a special emphasis on providing regular analysis and reporting on reforms. Publications are  complemented by regular appearances in print and electronic media.

Many of DRI’s senior staff and experts have worked in OSCE institutions or on OSCE field missions.

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Michael Meyer-Resende is a lawyer with twenty years experience in political transitions and democratisation in the Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

His professional experience includes two years legal practice in Berlin, four years with the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) of the OSCE (Warsaw); adviser on several OSCE Election Observation Missions and three years with the election team of the EU in Brussels.

In 2006 he co-founded DRI and serves as Executive Director since then. With work experience in the BBC, he regularly publishes articles (New York Times, The Guardian, Die Zeit and others) and speaks at conferences and in TV. He has co-authored many of DRI’s thematic and country reports.