Centre for European Security Studies (CESS)

The Centre for European Security Studies (CESS) is an independent institute for research and training, based in Groningen, the Netherlands. CESS seeks to advance security, development, democracy and human rights by helping governments and civil society face their respective challenges. CESS is an international, multidisciplinary and inclusive institute. Its work is part of the European quest for stability and prosperity, both within and outside Europe. CESS encourages informed debate, empowers individuals, fosters mutual understanding on matters of governance, and promotes democratic structures and processes.

CESS was established in 1993 by Prof. Dr Peter Volten, University of Groningen. CESS is a non-governmental organisation, which also undertakes think tank activities through research. In the 1990s, it played a pioneering role in the democratic transition of security sectors in Central Europe. In the 2000s, CESS continued researching on security and democratisation, as well as carrying out training and awareness-raising activities in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus, Central Asia and Turkey. CESS has on many occasions worked closely with OSCE missions in several countries and the OSCE has played a significant factor in several research projects of CESS staff.

In 2016 the Europe-Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM) programme (www.eucentralasia.eu) was incorporated into CESS. This research and outreach programme, which was created in 2008 by the Madrid-based think tank FRIDE, has its own identity through its website, database, associated staff, advisory group, and partner institutes. While EUCAM brings new impetus to CESS on policy-oriented research, CESS opens future training avenues for EUCAM. 

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Jos Boonstra
Coordinator of the Europe-Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM) initiative

Contact: juboonstra@gmail.com

Jos Boonstra is coordinator of the Europe-Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM) initiative at the Centre for European Security Studies (CESS) in Groningen, the Netherlands. From 2006 to 2015 Boonstra worked at FRIDE in Madrid and Brussels as senior researcher and head of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia programme. Before that he was programme manager and head of research at CESS from 2001 to 2006. He holds MA's in contemporary history and in international relations from the University of Groningen. Boonstra's research focuses on European and Eurasian political developments, regional international organisations (EU, NATO, OSCE), democratisation, civil society, development cooperation and security in relation to Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Boonstra has published numerous articles and papers and regularly comments on international affairs in the media.