The Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) was founded in 1982 by Dr. Gerald Mader and other like-minded people. We are located at Schlaining Castle in southern Burgenland, and we have established an additional location in Vienna in 1998. Our work has earned us the status of UN “Peace Messenger” in 1987 and a UNESCO “Prize for Peace Education” in 1995.

Our vision is a world where people with different backgrounds and circumstances are willing and able to recognise and address conflicts by non-violent, constructive, and sustainable means.

We support people so that they can address conflicts non-violently, constructively and sustainably. In doing so, we respect the close interdependence between research on, education about, and the practice of conflict transformation.

We conduct research projects on peace and security policy, are involved in mediation between parties to conflict and engage in political consulting, and offer different target-group-oriented training programmes and advanced education for civilian peacebuilders and youth.

The constant advancement of innovative theory and practice is built upon a foundation of dialogue and cooperation with international institutions, networks, theoreticians and practitioners of conflict management. We have worked in Austria, South-East Europe, the Black Sea Region and the South Caucasus, West and East Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East.

Many of our mediation projects have been conducted in cooperation with the OSCE, and since 1997, we have been hosting the Summer Academy on OSCE, a yearly education programme for diplomats, scholars and NGO representatives.

Austrian Study Centre for Peace and conflict Resolution
Rochusplatz 1, 7461 Stadtschlaining, Austria


Gudrun Kramer
Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution


Gudrun Kramer is the Director of the ASPR, which aims to contribute to the promotion of peace and peaceful conflict transformation and to the dissemination of practical ideas for peace. From 2010 – 2017 she was based in Jerusalem and headed the regional programme „Facilitating Social Participation of Palestinian Refugees”, commissioned by the German Government to the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Before joining GIZ, she was the Director of the “Institute for Integrative Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (IICP, today Herbert C. Kelman Institute Vienna). Mrs Kramer has been engaged in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation for more than 20 years. She worked amongst others in Sri Lanka, the South Caucasus, and Central Asia. She started her career working for the OSCE in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.