Current Projects


In 2018, the OSCE Network plans to implement five projects:

- "Religion and Conflict Prevention in the OSCE Context" with Ambassador Philip McDonagh (Edward M. Kennedy Institute, Ireland) as project head

- "Cross-Regional Corridors of Dialogue: Developing a Complementing Track for Transforming Long-standing Conflicts" with Marko Lehti (TAPRI, Finland) and Cindy Wittke (IOS Regensburg, Germany) as project heads

- "A New Concept for Conventional Arms Control" with Wolfgang Zellner (CORE/IFSH, Germany) as project head


- "The OSCE in Central Asia: National Perspectives" with Irina Chernykh (KISI, Kazakhstan) as project head

- "Back to the Roots: The Unfinished Post-Cold War Settlement of 1990 - Historical-Narrative-Workshops in Moscow and St. Petersburg" with Christian Nünlist (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) as project head.